RS Fitness Personal Trainers

There’s nothing better than having your very own trainer, motivator. Need that extra push? Our personal trainers are certified experts in biomechanics, anatomy, fitness assessments, and training program development. No matter what your age, goal or fitness level is we are excellent applying our knowledge to get you to your goal. Our certified personal trainers are committed to helping you in you achieving your fitness goals, and leading you to a healthy lifestyle.


Ronail "stretch' Shelton

Ronail "Stretch" Shelton is a ex-college athlete and former Gold’s Gym employee who is also a college graduate and majored in Kinesiology (the scientific study of human movement), he is now a certified corrective exercise specialist and a certified personal trainer. For the past 11 years, he has been helping clients obtain their goals through a variety of training styles. 

One thing that sets Ronail apart is the passion for helping people of all ages discover their unlimited potential. It is his belief that the best program for an individual is one that will blend with their daily life and can be maintained long-term.