2 Minute Squat Challenge!

Post your time, see who you can beat.

Post your time, see who you can beat.

The 2 minute Challenge 

In this 2 minute, get a stop watch or a timer and set for two minute. You will do air squats, also known as: body weight squats, prisoner squats, for 2 minutes non-stop. It would be best for you to do a full squat dropping your butt all the way down to your ankles, if you are unable to do so squat as low as you feel comfortable. These squats should be done at a fast pace, remember this is a race!

What was my count you ask?  One hundred-eight air squats. Do not for get to post your count below. Send in a photo or short video and the winner will be feature on my Instagram, winner will be picked a week from today. 

Send video or photo to info@ENTfit.com