Recovery time after you work out


Recovery time after a workout is a significantly beneficial step to an exercise routine as it benefits the mind and body in numerous ways. Resting time after or in between a workout is crucial in order to allow your body to completely repair and recover, especially when preparing to exercise further.  Resting time allows your body to adapt to the pace of the workout and prevents overworking of muscles. During a workout, there is a change of state that occurs as your body is rapidly breaking down muscles which effects the state of the human body’s energy stores.  Although these are not things you cannot really monitor visually, it’s important to observe how different resting time effects the functions of the human body. This can be done by paying attention to how your body feels through or after a workout, in order to maintain a good chemical balance. Resting time is what allows the body to replenish lost tissue and regain fluids, and without it overworking can trigger all kinds of different symptoms. The use of resting time can influence and improve on depression, fatigue. Resting. Time can also prevent the likelihood of injury and improve athletic ability overall. in order to regain all energy, the body must be given time to adjust to its different dates of performance. a cool down phase is a way to slow the heartrate down in a gradual way to keep your body at its best performance. Recovery time is the most successful way to repair the human body post workout. 


The Liver & Weight Lose

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Typically, when you think of a liver, there is no immediate mental correlation between your liver and your weight, however it is surprising how much impact the liver has on the human digestive system. The liver is what filters toxins out of your system, helps digestion, promotes blood sugar regulation, gathers and stores minerals, and also assists to break down and absorb fats from the human body; which is typically a quality about the liver that goes unnoticed. The significance your liver has on metabolism and body fat is underrepresented.  With this being said, whenever the liver is overworked, this can prevent it from working successfully to its full capacity. When the liver is failing, toxic buildup collects together and causes inflammation in the liver, this typically slows down the digestive process immensely and activates weight gain. To break it down further, when the liver is clogged with fat, it can affect how fast and how effectively nutrients is broken down in the body. When this occurs, your liver cannot break down fat effectively therefore fat is stored instead of dissolved. More Issues that typically arise from liver failure can be fatigue, laziness, and hunger, which are all qualities that promote an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. Ultimately your metabolism is affected by the quality of your liver, so take care of it, as it has more control over your weight and body fat percentage than you would typically think.

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How Cooking Can Reduce Stress

How Cooking Can Reduce Stress

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Cooking has been found to be relaxing activity that many people actually find therapeutic. Home cooked meals are factually known to be the cleanest meals you can eat. A great deal of the time people don’t know or cannot distinct at least half of the ingredients in their restaurant food. When making a home cooked meal, you have the power to control what goes into your food. gaining the power to choose every ingredient that goes into home cooked food unintentionally but fortunately causes less Saturated fats and calories into your meals. Not only are home cooked meals physically better for the human body and mind, but getting into the mentality of clean eating can promote a clearer mindset for all kinds of different life aspects. Its proven that the act of cooking itself can help with stress and mindfulness due to the sense of order and it creates. Especially when cooking is made into a part of your regular routine. Getting into the habit of organizing your environment and following a plan can help to reduce stress in and outside of the kitchen. When making a home cooked meal, focus is crucial in order to achieve a successful dish. Just from just cooking itself, the human mind trains itself to create almost a schedule for any given dish.

Cooking is not only a process involving organization and management, but it also encourages creativity. Something creative like cooking can help stimulate the mind in a way that benefits stress. When cooking, the possibilities are endless.

Mealtime is a good time to allow families and friends to gather together and clear their mind of all outside related tasks. There is no better way to spend meals then under the comfort of your own home.

Sleep and its correlation with Weight Gain


Its underrepresented how much sleep can affect the human body both long term and on a day to day basis. Lack of sleep can be a trigger for various different physical and mental repercussions, and weight gain or fluctuation is one of them. That’s right, sleep is key in order to maintain a healthy desirable weight, and yet it goes unnoticed. Studies have proven that sleep and weight loss are directly correlated with one another in ways that effect all parts of the body. After various tests, a conclusion was made that individuals who get a substantial amount of sleep per night actually can maintain their weight more so than the people who don’t.

Sleep is the fuel for our bodies, it is necessary in order to control our diet and energy levels. In order for any food to digest and function correctly, it is crucial for the body to get a substantial amount of sleep that allows the digestive system to recharge. More sleep is linked to maintaining a strong immune system, a healthy metabolism, and a brain that functions at its best ability. Lack of sleep initiates a hormone release that specifically works to store and hold onto the human body’s fat. Without the necessary amount of sleep, the human body won’t be able to work off the fat due to this hormone trigger. Not only can the body not function to its fullest without rest, but it is also known to provoke laziness. The motivation to be active and healthy is key in maintaining weight, and the lack of energy prevents this motivation. Losing sleep dulls the frontal lobe overall effecting a person’s impulse control. Overall, one is not capable of making the same responsible decisions when it comes with a healthy lifestyle without allowing your body to rejuvenate, there are so many positive benefits to getting enough sleep.
But how much sleep is enough? Everyone is different, but the recommended hours of sleep are from between 7-9 hours of sleep daily. The bottom line is, in order to maintain control over your weight, having enough sleep is absolutely vital! Through enriching food, an active lifestyle, and a timed sleep schedule guarantee a healthy and more manageable weight.

By: Ronail “Stretch” Shelton