Weight Lifting Exercises

Barbells are versatile: plenty of exercises you can do with 1 barbell. Most exercises can be done with dumbbells too. Here’s a non definite list of weight lifting exercises:

Squat. Should be part of any routine. Squats work your legs, but also the rest of your body. They are key to building strength & muscle.

Front Squats. Variation of the Squat. Front Squats start with the bar on the front shoulders instead of on the back.

Bench Press. The most popular exercise in the gym. The Bench Press works your chest & triceps muscles.

Overhead Press. Push weight overhead while standing. The Overhead Press works your shoulders, triceps, back & abs.

Deadlift. Besides working the legs, the Deadlift builds a strong back by teaching you to keep your spine rigid against a load.

Barbell Row. Pulling weight from the floor against your lower chest. The Barbell Row works your back & biceps.