The Liver & Weight Lose

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Typically, when you think of a liver, there is no immediate mental correlation between your liver and your weight, however it is surprising how much impact the liver has on the human digestive system. The liver is what filters toxins out of your system, helps digestion, promotes blood sugar regulation, gathers and stores minerals, and also assists to break down and absorb fats from the human body; which is typically a quality about the liver that goes unnoticed. The significance your liver has on metabolism and body fat is underrepresented.  With this being said, whenever the liver is overworked, this can prevent it from working successfully to its full capacity. When the liver is failing, toxic buildup collects together and causes inflammation in the liver, this typically slows down the digestive process immensely and activates weight gain. To break it down further, when the liver is clogged with fat, it can affect how fast and how effectively nutrients is broken down in the body. When this occurs, your liver cannot break down fat effectively therefore fat is stored instead of dissolved. More Issues that typically arise from liver failure can be fatigue, laziness, and hunger, which are all qualities that promote an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. Ultimately your metabolism is affected by the quality of your liver, so take care of it, as it has more control over your weight and body fat percentage than you would typically think.

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