Meal Planning With RS Fitness

Here are my top three tenets when it comes to my coaching philosophy.

(Note: This is a tad long but I REALLY want to make sure we are a great match so you can decide if you want to continue following me or not. You’ll also probably have AT LEAST one “aha” moment…)

Tenant #1: Your environment is EVERYTHING!

Most of us just walk around everyday unaware of what is triggering our eating behavior. A lot of us feel totally out of control when it comes to eating…

… and we don’t really know why.


60%+ of our day is done automatically through subconscious habits. 

My first challenge to you is to figure out what in your environment is influencing your eating behavior. This can be anything from your co-workers to the size of your plate.

For example, how’s your fridge lookin’ these days?

My fridge used to be an unorganized mess of takeout food and semi-spoiling vegetables that I forgot about until it got gross and moldy. 

Studies prove that we are 3x more likely to eat the first thing we see than the fifth. We are 70% more likely to eat sweets in a clear container than in an opaque one. 

I started washing and chopping all my fruits and veggies and putting them in a clear container in the middle of the fridge. I put indulgences in the crisper drawers away from plain sight. 

This had a huge effect on my life! 

Now sit down and figure out what in your environment is influencing your eating habits. It might be as simple as strategically organizing your fridge or never eating out of the container. 

I believe in identifying small tweaks and simple adjustments to your environment that can set you up for inevitable success!

Tenant #1: Psychological hacks for a BALANCED life. 

Diets suck! I feel like I’ve literally been on 15 diets in the last 10 years. It’s ridiculous. But finally I have broken away from the crash diets to making healthy eating part of my lifestyle. 

I know, I know—“Losing weight is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle.” 

What does this even mean though? How do you actually make healthy eating part of your lifestyle?

After all, who wants to live a life that doesn’t involve brownies, champagne, and pizza. I know I don’t, and I’m sure you don’t either!

For most people when they first attempt the whole “healthy lifestyle” thing, it turns into a constant sacrifice that leaves you saying “f#ck it!” 

The last thing you know, after a day of bland salads, you find yourself scraping the last drip of ice cream out of the Ben & Jerry’s pint you were hiding in the back of your freezer.

Why do we always struggle to stick to a healthy lifestyle, no matter how hard we try? 

It’s because most of us are just playing the game wrong and making some major mistakes.

For example, have you ever FORBIDDEN a certain food, and then it’s literally the only thing you can think about?

Psychologists call this ironic rebound. The very thing that we are trying to suppress rebounds with more power and authority.

Balance is absolutely possible. I love this new field of science that is focused on the psychology of eating. I teach science-based mind hacks that turn healthy eating into a lifestyle.

Tenant #3: Mindfulness is not just for yogis! 

I think we’ve heard too many times that meditation is good for you. 

I’m sure if you’re anything like me, the first time you attempted to meditate you quit after about 5 seconds.

I started to become interested in different mindfulness techniques when I heard all these CEOs were really into it and it had improved their performance. If it works for them, might as well try it for eating healthy—heck!  

I teach what I like to call practical mindfulness.

Did you know that…

1. Taking deep breaths for a minute can significantly reduce cravings and strengthen willpower

2. Meditation is by far the fastest way to develop the “pause and plan” part of you brain that allows you to resist temptation and stop procrastinating.

Mindfulness practices are a MUST when it comes to sticking to a healthy lifestyle.


I am a firm believer that if you can develop the skills it takes to change you mindset when it comes to eating, the benefits are guaranteed to have a positive effect on other parts of your life. 

For example, now that I eat healthy on a consistent basis, I have more energy when I hang out with friends, and my focus is through the roof when I work, compared with a few years ago.  

I know you are a hard worker, and you want time to unwind too. You want to eat at your favorite restaurants and go out with your friends. You just can’t figure out a way to balance everything. 

I will teach you how to dive deep into your environment, psychology, and mindfulness practices to identify what is holding you back, so you can stop wasting your precious time starting over and over again.

I hope you resonate with my 3 main tenents. Once you have these three areas down, everything falls into place. 


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