What is a complete protein?

A complete protein is food that provides all 9 of the essential amino acids in high enough amounts for our bodily functions. Usually, complete proteins are found in meats, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, and cheese. Although the soybean is considered to be the only plant-based complete protein, containing all 9 of the essential amino acids. 

For those who do not eat meat there are other ways to get a complete protein, other than eating soy products. By combining and pairing certain foods, you can create complete proteins.

  • Rice and beans
  • Peanut butter on whole wheat bread
  • Mac nā€™ cheese
  • Rice and lentil curry
  • Tofu and millet
  • Bean and barley soup
  • Wheat-soy bread
  • Cornbread and black eyed peas
  • Hummus and pita bread
  • Yogurt and nuts